She/Her | QWOC | Very Loud

Currently, I'm the Community Manager for Vodeo Games.

A graduate of Sheridan College, with a Bachelors in Game Design. You can also find me working as a Freelance Writer and a Commission Artist. When I'm not working I'm either gaming, playing TTRPGs, drawing or watching dogs videos.

You can also find me in the TTRPG Podcasting community as Aki on Goblets and Gays, Animam Agere and Well Seasoned Stories



  • Pokemon

  • High Fashion

  • Making Memes

  • Playing TTRPGs

  • Historical Documentaries

  • Competitive Figure Skating 

  • Literally learning anything history related

  • Watching Giant Monsters beat up Giant Mechas

  • Scrolling through Twitter or Tik Tok