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She/Her | QWOC | Very Loud

Currently, I'm the Community Specialist for Evolve PR.

A graduate of Sheridan College, with a Bachelors in Game Design. You can also find me working as a Freelance Writer and a Commission Artist. When I'm not working I'm either gaming, playing TTRPGs, drawing or watching dogs videos.

You can also find me in the TTRPG Podcasting community as Aki/Akino on Goblets and Gays, An Unwavering Force & Mistlost.

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  • Pokemon

  • High Fashion

  • Making Memes

  • Playing TTRPGs

  • Historical Documentaries

  • Competitive Figure Skating 

  • Literally learning anything history related

  • Watching Giant Monsters beat up Giant Mechas

  • Scrolling through Twitter or Tik Tok

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