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Game Designer, 2D Artist, Script Writer, Editor 

Main Tasks:

  • Created all the art assets used in game

  • Wrote Script & Recorded/Edited Video Pitch

  • Managed & Directed Team to Finish the Project within a tight Deadline

Note: When not using the alt controller, the game can be played using the Q, W, E, R, and space keys on a keyboard. Run the Unity file called "WereIn"

Techno Crack: Bio

Techno Crack is an alternate controller puzzle game that utilizes a glove and touch-pad instead of a conventional controller. Specific fingers on a specially made glove affect the game when tapped onto an input center. Each finger moves a peg on a 5 peg board in a predetermined way. Players must align all of the pieces with the center line of the board in order to crack open the lock and move onto the next one. Some inputs affect more than one peg, so players must use their memory and strategy to align everything correctly.

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