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Short visual novel made in Unity over 48 hours for the GDS Game Jam with the theme of "Terminal".


​Narrative Designer, Writer

Main Tasks:

  • Writing dialogue & narration 

  • Character concept & creation

  • Designing & implementing possible routes & outcomes

End of the Line: Bio

There’s been a murder at the train terminal! For some reason, they want you, a lowly train station intern to figure out which of the passengers was the killer. You’re the only employee still at the terminal, so it’s your responsibility - or you’re fired.

That doesn’t seem legal.

You need to interrogate them and look for holes in their story...before the killer can strike again.

End of the Line: Quote

This short interactive fiction game features:

  • 3 quirky characters to interrogate and pick at

  • Dialogue-heavy interactions that will ultimately lead to the true culprit

End of the Line: Quote
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