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4th Year Capstone Game


Writer, Community Manager, 2D Artist

Main Tasks:

  • Wrote branching dialogue & narration 

  • Character concept & creation

  • Designing & implementing possible routes & outcomes

  • Created art assets & content featured in game & other social media platforms

  • Official community & social media manager 

Cosmixology: Bio

A humour-heavy dating simulator starring all the planets of our solar system as patrons of a space lounge, where the player works as a bartender-in-training. Your goal is to master mixology and hone your silver tongue to win the heart of your favourite planet!

Cosmixology: Quote


  • Enjoy multiple unique LGBTQ+ inclusive romance 

  • Deliciously fun bartending minigame 

  • Free time to explore the solar system & converse with multiple characters

  • Multiple choices & endings including the possibility of more DLCs featuring more planets, dates, drinks & endings. 

  • Jazz inspired atmosphere & music

Cosmixology: Bio


Featured either in game or used as social media assets

Cosmixology: Image
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