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In the TTRPG scene, I run by the pseudo name Aki/Akino.

Aki or Akino if you're feeling fancy, is a very mixed, very queer TTRPG Content creator from Toronto, Canada. A jack of all trades, you can also find her as an active player, co-producer & artist on the award-winning Pathfinder 2e podcast Goblets and Gays. She also dabbles in freelance commission art and freelance writing within the space which you can find out more by clicking the bolded words in the paragraph. 👀

You can also find her on her several projects such as:

And many more!​

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Producer | Player | Community Manager | Artist

We are a very gay TTRPG Podcast that has been active since the fall of 2020. Currently we have launched our second season of Blood of Kings, a Pathfinder 2e actual play campaign. We have also launched our new show Animam Agere, a City of Mists campaign. Our goals are to push out more chaotically gay content, uplift the Queer community and Queer voices within the podcasting community.

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Player | Artist

A queer Lancer RPG Actual Play podcast. Batteries are not included. 

At the outer edges of space, where Union is but a whisper, humanity scrapes together a living amongst the stars. This is the story of four Lancers, talented pilots of mechanized chassis from all corners of the known universe, thrown together by circumstance and destiny...and credits. Follow Matcha, Moxie, Roadkill, and Silver led by Reed, your game master, through the Lancer system, a mud n’ laser style anime mecha RPG. I hope they brought some printers with them, because this is Bring Your Own Mech: a biweekly actual play Lancer podcast, and batteries are not included!

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Player | Artist

An all-new Blades in the Dark actual play podcast, from the creators of The Magpies!

It is the year 882 of the Imperium. The Empire holds sway over every land that survived the long-ago cataclysm, fueled by Duskwall’s leviathan hunting ports and led by Imperial City’s brilliance. The Immortal Emperor, may he reign a thousand lifetimes, guides his citizens into a new era of technology, culture, and prosperity.

Amid the glitz and glamour, the desperation and drive, comes a new band of criminals looking to make their mark on the city. Will they succeed where so many others have failed? Or will they crumble, not even remembered as a cautionary tale?

Only one way to find out

Podcast: Bio
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